Thesis: "Figures in the Garden" by Jonathan Dove: A Conductor's Analysis

A conductor's analysis of Jonathan Dove's "Figures in the Garden" for harmoniemusik ensemble. The writing covers the history of the piece, information on the composer, a theoretical analysis (which also outlines the relationship to "Marriage of Figaro," and help for conductors approaching the work for the first time.

Research Article: Marching During the Day: Marching Bands' Place in Secondary Instrumental Music Education

This article was completed as part of an independent study with Dr. Elizabeth Peterson. I conducted a survey of several schools to discover how the marching band schedule and requirements affected the program, and analyzed the results. This is a great pilot study, but is by no means a complete scientific exploration of the topic.

Pre-service teachers seem to have many pre-conceived notions of their future after college, and this article shares discussions I had with several pre-service educators.