Consultation Services

Approaching marketing, branding, social media, concert posters, and podcasting can be quite daunting. I promise anyone can do it and do it well! Just like learning an instrument, it is a skill that takes practice. Also like learning an instrument, it can be helpful to have a teacher. I treat my consultations like a lesson, my goal is to teach you how to be an independent marketer for your program.

The categories below are basic consultation services that many people have asked for over time. I have provided the number of hours that will be devoted towards assisting you, which will consist of hour or half-hour long Skype or phone conversations. One hour of each of those levels will be devoted to preparation and planning for our meetings. 


Website Building (5 hours of consultation) $140.00

Selecting this consultation plan will consist of my assistance in building a website for your organization. This does not mean I will build the website for you! Instead I will train you in the building process so you will understand how to continue to update your website in the future. I will also help you select media, build a navigation map, input your branded information, and other minutia. You will need to have a domain and consult with me on a hosting service. If I am not conversant in your hosting service, it may require additional cost for me to prepare. The end result of this consultation will be a beautiful, usable website for your program and the knowledge of how to continuously update the site in the future.

Social Media Training (4 hours of consultation) $110.00

We can focus on one or all social media platforms in this training, you will decide where the focus of this consultation will lie. The fewer platforms, the more in-depth we will go. This can consist of anything within social media, from creating accounts, building pages, learning about analytics, and learning how to create successful posts. The outcomes for this consultation are dependent on your needs and decisions, but you should be able to competently handle any of the social media platforms you choose and feel confident creating content.

Creating a Brand (3 hours of consultation) $80.00

Working through the creation of a brand is a multi-layered process and having someone guide you through it as an independent arbiter of ideas can be of great help. With this consultation, we will work through the creation of the brand for your music program. At the end of this consultation you will have a clear view of the brand your program will espouse for years to come.

Website Review (2 hours of consultation) $50.00

If you have a website and would like to work through an update, I will complete an inventory and we will work through issues and fixes to improve upon your current foundation. The inventory may lead to having to rebuild the website, which would be an additional consultation hours at further cost.

Combination of Services

Many of these services should be combined for the most success. Branding is the center of marketing, and if you have not developed a brand, you may want to work that out before building a website. You can combine any of the services above and subtract $10 off the final total for each consultation category combined (i.e. combining "Creating a Brand" with "Website Building" would cost $210.00).

***If your needs in any area of standard consultation exceed the number of hours provided as part of the consultation plan, you will be need to add more consultation hours at a reduced price of $25.00 per hour.***

Marketing Inventory  $30.00

A marketing inventory consists of me reviewing all of your marketing materials, from website to social media and print materials. I will then create a report with suggested improvements and a quote for custom consultation services. If you elect to proceed with the custom consultation services, I will waive the $30 marketing inventory fee.

Custom Consultation Services ($30 per hour)

If you need services beyond what is listed above, or would like to create a custom consultation service, please contact me and we will create a plan. I am willing to negotiate on the final price of a custom consultation after a quote is provided.